• Mathematics
  • Published 2011

Use of Coffee Varieties in Yunnan and Innovative Application

  title={Use of Coffee Varieties in Yunnan and Innovative Application},
  author={Zhang Hong-bo and Li Wei-rui and Zhou Shizheng and Zhou Hua and Li Mianhong and Bai Xhui and Xia Hong-yun},
Based on investigation,analysis was made on coffee planting scale,varieties,breeding background and cultivation characteristics in Yunnan.It was verified that the main cultivar Katimu 7963 and P4 were a same species.Evaluation was made on the cup taste quality of various cultivars. Cup taste evaluations of many times showed that although the intrinsic quality of Katimu coffees planted in the production sectors was not so good as Bobang and Tiebika,the cup taste quality of Katimu coffees could… CONTINUE READING