Use of 2'-spirocyclic ethers in HCV nucleoside design.


Conformationally restricted 2'-spironucleosides and their prodrugs were synthesized as potential anti-HCV agents. Although the replicon activity of the new agents containing pyrimidine bases was modest, the triphosphate of a 2'-oxetane cytidine analogue demonstrated potent intrinsic biochemical activity against the NS5B polymerase, with IC50 = 8.48 μM… (More)
DOI: 10.1021/jm401224y


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@article{Du2014UseO2, title={Use of 2'-spirocyclic ethers in HCV nucleoside design.}, author={Jinfa Du and Byoung-Kwon Chun and Ralph T. Mosley and Shalini Bansal and Haiying Bao and Christine L Espiritu and Angela M. I. Lam and Eisuke Murakami and Congrong Niu and Holly M Micolochick Steuer and Phillip A Furman and Michael J. Sofia}, journal={Journal of medicinal chemistry}, year={2014}, volume={57 5}, pages={1826-35} }