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Use, Re-use and Synergetic Benefit: The Interplay between WordNet and Dictionary Data

  title={Use, Re-use and Synergetic Benefit: The Interplay between WordNet and Dictionary Data},
  author={Sanni Nimb and Lars Trap-Jensen},
  journal={J. Lang. Technol. Comput. Linguistics},
The first version of a Danish wordnet, DanNet, was released in March . In this paper we will discuss some of the methodological issues of compiling a wordnet on the basis of a large, corpus-based printed dictionary of modern Danish (Den Danske Ordbog, henceforth DDO). Furthermore, we will focus on the synergetic effects between dictionary and wordnet, the first use of DanNet being an onomasiological search engine in the online version of the very same dictionary which was used as the basis… 


DanNet: the challenge of compiling a wordnet for Danish by reusing a monolingual dictionary
The issues of readjusting inconsistent and/or underspecified hyponymy hierarchies taken from the conventional dictionary, sense distinctions as opposed to the synonym sets of wordnets, generating semantic wordnet relations on the basis of sense definitions, and finally, supplementing missing or implicit information are discussed.
The Danish SIMPLE lexicon and its application in content-based querying
This paper deals with the SIMPLE-DK lexicon, a computational lexicon for Danish developed at the Centre for Language Technology in Copenhagen within the European Union project SIMPLE, and how it can be included in a conceptual grammar to be used for query and text analysis.
Enriching WordNet with Folk Knowledge and Stereotypes
This paper describes a means of enriching WordNet with commonly ascribed cultural properties by mining explicit similes of the form "as ADJ as a NOUN" from the internet, and shows how these properties can be leveraged, through further web search, into rich frame structures for the most evocative WordNet concepts.
The Generative Lexicon
It is argued that lexical decomposition is possible if it is performed generatively and a theory of lexical inheritance is outlined, which provides the necessary principles of global organization for the lexicon, enabling us to fully integrate the authors' natural language lexicon into a conceptual whole.
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The project LE-SIMPLE is an innovative attempt of building harmonized syntactic-semantic lexicons for twelve European languages, aimed at use in different Human Language Technology applications.
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