Usage of social media during the pandemic: Seeking support and awareness about COVID-19 through social media platforms

  title={Usage of social media during the pandemic: Seeking support and awareness about COVID-19 through social media platforms},
  author={Muhammad Sukri Saud and Musta'in Mashud and Rachmah Ida},
  journal={Journal of Public Affairs},
Social media have become popularly use to seek for medical information and have fascinated the general public to collect information regarding corona virus pandemics in various perspectives During these days, people are forced to stay at home and the social media have connected and supported awareness and pandemic updates The present study aims at highlighting the present situation of Indonesian society, where the outbreak position is quite high The study collects the data from social media… 
Critical Review: A Review of the Studies About the Usage of Social Media During the Covid-19 Pandemic
Since the coronavirus disease (covid-19) was declared a public health emergency of international concern by the World Health Organization in January 2020, it has led to the loss of millions of human
The Role of Social Networks During the COVID-19 Lockdown: Real-Life Social Distancing Vs Virtual Interactions
Online social networks have become one of the most widely used sources of information in the world and also an important part of our daily life. A huge boost to their spreading came with the outbreak
Social support through religion and psychological well-being: COVID-19 and coping strategies in Indonesia
The study reveals that, social capital, psychological well-being, and religious coping have a significant amount of the variance of coronavirus situational stress, and suggests that, adopting preventative measures, standard operating procedures that are sustainable and healthy forms of coping with the pandemic will be equally as important as medical care in order to contain and eventually eradicate the virus.
Behavioural intention of receiving COVID-19 vaccination, social media exposures and peer discussions in China
Boosting social media exposures and peer discussions may raise students' perceived information sufficiency and subsequently increase their vaccination intention and consider the potential negative effect of active social media interaction when using social media to promote COVID-19 vaccination.
Nurses’ use of social media during the COVID-19 pandemic—A scoping review
How nurses use social media in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic is explored, providing snapshots of nurses’ uses of social media from various regions in the world, but revealed a need for studies from further countries and continents.
The Impact of Media on Public Health Awareness Concerning the Use of Natural Remedies Against the COVID-19 Outbreak in Saudi Arabia
  • A. Alotiby
  • Medicine
    International journal of general medicine
  • 2021
The findings of the current study indicate that the Saudi MOH’s usage of social media channels has had a positive effect on the level of public health awareness concerning the reliability of natural remedies used during the pandemic.
Expendable to essential? Changing perceptions of gig workers on Twitter in the onset of COVID-19
Qualitative results indicate that tweets about negative personal experiences with drivers/companies decreased during COVID-19, while tweets exhibiting a sense of community and concern towards gig workers increased.
The Covid-19 pandemic in Indonesia since March 2020 has tested the Indonesian government's capabilities in various aspects, including public health communication. The existence of communication media
What about the “Social Aspect of COVID”? Exploring the Determinants of Social Isolation on the Greek Population during the COVID-19 Lockdown
The COVID-19 pandemic, its duration, and its intensity are harbingers of demographic change. In the context of social demography, it is crucial to explore the social challenge emerging from the


Journalists’ Use of Social Media to Infer Public Opinion: The Citizens’ Perspective
Journalists increasingly use social media data to infer and report public opinion by quoting social media posts, identifying trending topics, and reporting general sentiment. In contrast to
Social media for rapid knowledge dissemination: early experience from the COVID‐19 pandemic
Delivering rapid, reliable information that addresses critical infection control issues is of key importance, and tracheal intubation is known to be associated with a high-risk of transmission of viral infections to healthcare workers.
Using social and behavioural science to support COVID-19 pandemic response
Evidence from a selection of research topics relevant to pandemics is discussed, including work on navigating threats, social and cultural influences on behaviour, science communication, moral decision-making, leadership, and stress and coping.
The use of social media to supplement resident medical education - the SMART-ME initiative.
There was a significant increase in the use and frequency of Twitter for resident medical education over the ensuing 6 months, and almost all residents believe social media could be used for medical education.
Use of Social Media among Medical Teachers and Students of Punjab, India: A Study
Social media is becoming an inseparable part of modern education system. The present study is an attempt to investigate the awareness, use, purposes and major problems faced while using applications
Dis/Connection: The Co-evolution of Sociocultural and Material Infrastructures of the Internet in Indonesia
Abstract:The internet was made available commercially to the Indonesian public in the mid-1990s. By 2015, in Jakarta and other cities, such as Bandung and Surabaya, urbanites experienced
The pandemic of social media panic travels faster than the COVID-19 outbreak
The creation of an interactive platform and dashboard to provide real-time alerts of rumours and concerns about coronavirus spreading globally would enable public health officials and relevant stakeholders to respond rapidly with a proactive and engaging narrative that can mitigate misinformation.
Democratic practices and youth in political participation: a doctoral study
ABSTRACT Youth in democratic activities has changed the political scenario of Pakistan. The current study was aimed to identify the youngsters towards their participation in democratic paractices and