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Usage of Archaeological Data in North American Seventh-day Adventist Literature, 1937-1980

  title={Usage of Archaeological Data in North American Seventh-day Adventist Literature, 1937-1980},
  author={Lloyd A. Willis},
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The History and Archeology of Aphek-Antipatris: A Biblical City in the Sharon Plain
From discoveries in the recent archeological excavations, the history of this city can now be traced from the Early Bronze Age until Roman times.
The Early Diffusion of the Alphabet
The Biblical Archaeologist is published quarterly (March, May, September, December) by the American Schools of Oriental Research. Its purpose is to provide readable, non-technical, yet thoroughly
Early Bronze Age Pottery in the Andrews University Archaeological Museum
Inventaire de 20vases du Bronze ancien de Palestine, conserves au Musee Archeologique de l'Universite d'Andrew, Michigan.
The Book of Enoch
When fragments of the Book of Enoch were found among the Dead Sea Scrolls, it was realized that this was a very ancient text, part of the Jewish heritage of the first Christians. This translation by
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Modern explorers and archaeologists have tended to by-pass the plateau between Wadi Mijib and Wadi HesS for several reasons. It is somewhat isolated geographically, cut off by these two wadis, the
The Real Story of the Ebla Tablets: Ebla and the Cities of the Plain
One of the greatest archeological finds of the twentieth century is discussed in a provocative and stimulating article, relating information from the Ebla tablets to biblical history, specifically
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The Significance of the Cosmology in Genesis 1 in Relation to Ancient Near Eastern Parallels
When in 1872 George Smith made known a Babylonian version of the flood story, which is part of the famous Gilgamesh Epic, and announced three years later a Babylonian creation story, which was
The Fifth-Century Jewish Calendar at Elephantine
THE fourteen dated Aramaic papyri from Elephantine recently discovered among the personal effects of the late Mr. Charles Edwin Wilbour in the Brooklyn Museum' form a most welcome addition to the
The Background of the Patriarchs: a Reply To William Dever and Malcolm Clark
This paper is written in response to the recent articles of Malcolm Clark and William Dever in Westminster Press's new Israelite and Judaean History. Part I attempts to clarify my position giving an