Usability inspection methods

  title={Usability inspection methods},
  author={Jakob Nielsen},
  journal={Conference Companion on Human Factors in Computing Systems},
  • J. Nielsen
  • Published 28 April 1994
  • Computer Science
  • Conference Companion on Human Factors in Computing Systems
Usability inspection is the generic name for a set of costeffective ways of evaluating user interfaces to find usability problems. They are fairly informal methods and easy to use. 

A usability study with healthcare professionals of a customizable framework for reminiscence and music based cognitive activities for people with dementia

A framework for serious games that allows healthcare professionals to customize music and reminiscence-based activities to stimulate people with dementia and the usage of the framework was adequate in terms of effort and workload for PwD is proposed.

Route learning and user attention in a mobile augmented reality navigation application

The most promising future for AR is in personal computing, and the usage of AR in this area is expected to grow significantly over the next few years.

Visualisierung OSGi-basierter Software Architektur in Augmented Reality

Es wird ein Augmented-Reality Ansatz zur Erforschung modularer OSGi-Softwaresysteme prasentiert. Der Prototyp wird unter der Verwendung der Microsoft HoloLens implementiert. Module, wie Komponenten

The Usability of Captchas on Mobile Devices

This research developed, refined and tested a set of domain specific heuristics to evaluate captcha schemes on smartphones, and identified design strategies for the development of new captcha schemes for smartphones.

User-controlled access management to resources on the Web

This thesis discusses new solutions to access control for the Web and shows frameworks that allow Web applications to delegate their access control function to an Authorisation Manager, and presents the software that implements the UMA proposal.

Exploring map-based interfaces for mobile solutions in emergency work

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A Structured Expert Evaluation Method for the Evaluation of Children's Computer Games

A study to assess SEEM’s quality shows that the experts in the study predicted about 76% of the problems found in a user test, and the validity of SEEM is quite promising.

Analysing Usability and UX in Peer Review Tools

This paper presents perspectives from professors and students about aspects of User Experience (UX) on two collaborative tools that support Peer Review: The Moodle Assessment Laboratory ( MoodlePRLab ) and Model2Review .

A methodology for domain and culture-oriented heuristics creation and validation

ABSTRACT Culture fit is an essential consideration while designing websites in this technologically evolving era, yet it is too often ignored in current usability evaluation methods. The heuristic