Usability evaluation of collaborative applications with multimodal user interface

  title={Usability evaluation of collaborative applications with multimodal user interface},
  author={Gabriela S{\'a}nchez Morales and Carmen Mezura-Godoy and Itzel Alessandra Reyes Flores and E. Ben{\'i}tez-Guerrero},
  journal={2017 6th International Conference on Software Process Improvement (CIMPS)},
Software applications can be evaluated from a usability approach in terms of effectiveness efficiency and satisfaction. For the collaborative applications (CA) heuristics and evaluation methods have been proposed that can be applied in the different phases of the development of a CA. However there are no methods for evaluating AC with multimodal user interfaces. Therefore in this work we propose a form of evaluation from the perspective of usability for this type of applications. The proposal… Expand
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