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Usability Analysis of the Big Ten Academic Alliance Geoportal: Findings and Recommendations for Improvement of the User Experience

  title={Usability Analysis of the Big Ten Academic Alliance Geoportal: Findings and Recommendations for Improvement of the User Experience},
  author={Mara Blake and Karen L Majewicz and Amanda Tickner and Jason K. H. Lam},
  journal={Code4Lib Journal},
Mapping Search Queries to Metadata Fields in a GeoBlacklight Repository
To determine how well the search terms individuals use to find datasets in a geospatial repository aligns with the terms used in metadata to describe those resources, query log analysis was used. Expand
Usability Problems in GI Web Applications: A lesson from Literature
There is a significant need for a GI specific usability framework to provide support for GI specific usable evaluation and to provide generic solutions to reoccurring problems in GI web applications. Expand
The manuscript is devoted to analysis of the problem of designing graphical geoportal interfaces. The support points for the problem solutions are formulated and rationale of each of them is given.Expand
Spinning the wheel of design: evaluating geoportal Graphical User Interface adaptations in terms of human-centred design
This paper introduces the new GUI of the Geodata Versatile Information Transfer environment geoportal, and presents the results of a between-subjects study for the evaluation and comparison of the previous and the latest version. Expand
Usability and Accessibility Evaluation of Nigerian Mobile Network Operators’ Websites
From the results obtained, it is recommended that the web designers of the mobile network operators compare their website design with web content accessibility guideline (WCAG 2.0) to make sure the different categories of subscribers are satisfied with the features and services provided by the websites. Expand
Consortial Geospatial Data Collection: Toward Standards and Processes for Shared GeoBlacklight Metadata
This work outlines a procedure for “scoring” GeoBlacklight records to establish a Domain Specific Language for metadata best practices and proposes strategies for authorship and management conducive to functionally interoperable geospatial metadata, that is versioned and enhanceable by the collective. Expand