Ursu and Ḫaššum

  title={Ursu and Ḫa{\vs}{\vs}um},
  author={Sidney E. Smith},
  journal={Anatolian Studies},
  pages={35 - 43}
Professor Garstang, Whose excavations and geographical studies have so notably increased sources of information about, and our knowledge of, eastern Cilicia in early times, will have watched with interest, and perhaps with amusement, the way in which, in modern studies of texts, locations proposed for Ursu have jumped about over a considerable area, in which physical features might be expected to restrict the possibilities. As the story of Ursu in the second millennium ends just before that of… 

PERSIA, c . 2400–1800 B.C.

THE ELAMITE KINGS OF AWAN The history of Persia before the migration of the Medes and the Persians in about 1000 b.c. is almost entirely limited to the history of Elam. This is because Elam,

CHAPTER XXIV (a): ANATOLIA, c. 2300–1750 B.C.

INTRODUCTORY The period with which this chapter is concerned is of particular interest to the historian, for it is during these five and a half centuries or so that the greater part of Anatolia came

The Early Dynastic Period In Mesopotamia

BABYLONIA: ARCHAEOLOGICAL DEVELOPMENT An earlier chapter (XIII) has described the historical development of the cities in Babylonia and their cultural background. Here we must concentrate on the

A Hittite treaty tablet from Oylum Höyük in southeastern Turkey and the location of Ḫaššu(wa)

Abstract In the summer of 2012 Oylum Höyük yielded its first Hittite cuneiform tablet and thus joined five other Hittite tabletyielding sites in southeastern Anatolia and northern Syria. The tablet

ANATOLIA, c . 4000–2300 b.c.

In a previous chapter we have witnessed the development of native Anatolian neolithic and chalcolithic cultures and their subsequent destruction at the hand of barbarians with inferior

The Early Dynastic Period In Egypt

THE EARLY MONARCHY AND THE UNIFICATION OF EGYPT Tradition and a substantial body of indirect evidence suggest strongly that Egypt, in the period immediately preceding the foundation of the First