Urothelium dependent inhibition of rat ureter contractile activity.

  title={Urothelium dependent inhibition of rat ureter contractile activity.},
  author={Domenico Mastrangelo and Christophe E. Iselin},
  journal={The Journal of urology},
  volume={178 2},
PURPOSE We investigated whether urothelium modulates isolated rat ureter contractions. MATERIALS AND METHODS Segments of intact and urothelium-free ureters were placed in organ baths at 37C. The contractile effects of KCl and endogenous ureteral contractile agents were recorded in the absence and presence of the cyclooxygenase inhibitors indomethacin (1 microM) or ketoprofen (10 microM). The effect of the prostacyclin analogue iloprost was tested on the KCl and agonist induced responses… CONTINUE READING
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