Uroperitoneum attributable to ruptured urachus in a yearling bull.

  title={Uroperitoneum attributable to ruptured urachus in a yearling bull.},
  author={Gary M. Baxter and David T Zamos and P O Eric Mueller},
  journal={Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association},
  volume={200 4},
Ruptured urachus was found to result in uroperitoneum in a yearling Beefmaster bull. The uroperitoneum was initially believed to be attributable to ruptured bladder secondary to urolithiasis; however, catheter decompression of the bladder through an ischiatic urethrotomy did not resolve the uroperitoneum. The persistent urachus was diagnosed and removed through caudal right flank laparotomy with the bull standing. The urachus was attached to the umbilicus, communicated with the lumen of the… CONTINUE READING


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