Urine cytology of micropapillary carcinoma of the urinary bladder.

  title={Urine cytology of micropapillary carcinoma of the urinary bladder.},
  author={Takahiko Sakuma and Michiko Furuta and Akihiro Mimura and Naoto Tanigawa and Ryuichi Takamizu and Kiyoshi Kawano},
  journal={Diagnostic cytopathology},
  volume={39 11},
A case of micropapillary carcinoma (MPC) of urinary bladder is presented, in which the urine smear was studied in detail in an attempt to better characterize the cytologic findings of MPC. When the voided urine was examined in low power, cancer cells were scattered in the specimens as compact papillary/spheroidal clusters composed of pleomorphic cancer cells. Solitary carcinoma cells were occasionally observed. High power view of the smear revealed that the papillae/spheroids consisted of high… CONTINUE READING