Urinary polyamines as a tumor marker.

  title={Urinary polyamines as a tumor marker.},
  author={Satoko Kubota and Morihito Okada and Masataka Yoshimoto and Nobuo Murata and Z Yamasaki and Tomio Wada and Kazutomo Imahori and Nakaaki Ohsawa and Fumimaro Takaku},
  journal={Cancer detection and prevention},
  volume={8 1-2},
We recently established a new simple enzymatic assay method for measuring total urinary polyamines. To evaluate the clinical usefulness of measuring total urinary polyamines as a tumor marker, we have applied this method to the assay of polyamines in the urine of cancer patients. Elevation above 3 SD of the normal mean was found in 116 of the 181 patients with cancer (stomach 49/72 [68.1%], colon 22/32 [68.8%], lung 16/24 [66.7%], blood 15/27 [55.6%], liver 3/14 [21.4%], gallbladder 4/4 [100… CONTINUE READING

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