Urinary incontinence across the lifespan.

  title={Urinary incontinence across the lifespan.},
  author={Yvette D Miller and Wendy J Brown and Anne V Russell and Pauline Chiarelli},
  journal={Neurourology and urodynamics},
  volume={22 6},
AIMS The objectives of the current study were (1) to measure type and severity of urinary leakage and (2) to investigate the association between these factors and age-related life events and conditions in three groups of Australian women with a history of urinary leakage. METHODS Five hundred participants were randomly selected from women in the young (aged 18-22 in 1996), mid-age (45-50), and older (70-75) cohorts of the Australian Longitudinal Study of Women's Health (ALSWH) who had… CONTINUE READING

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