Urinary hepcidin in congenital chronic anemias.

  title={Urinary hepcidin in congenital chronic anemias.},
  author={Susan Kearney and Elizabeta Nemeth and Ellis J. Neufeld and Dharma R. Thapa and Tomas Ganz and David A. Weinstein and Melody J. Cunningham},
  journal={Pediatric blood & cancer},
  volume={48 1},
BACKGROUND Hepcidin, a regulator for iron homeostasis, is induced by inflammation and iron burden and suppressed by anemia and hypoxia. This study was conducted to determine the hepcidin levels in patients with congenital chronic anemias. PROCEDURE Forty-nine subjects with anemia, varying degrees of erythropoiesis and iron burden were recruited. Eight children with immune thrombocytopenia were included as approximate age-matched controls. Routine hematologic labs and urinary hepcidin… CONTINUE READING
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