[Urinary complications and sequelae of carcinoma of the cervix treatment (author's transl)].


The authors describe the sequelae and urinary complications of:--radiotherapy only in 524 patients, stage I to III treated between 1960 and 1974;--721 operations performed between 1968 and 1974, according to the protocol of treatment as used in the Fondation Curie. This reveals:--for irradiated patients, no iatrogenic damage to the upper urinary tract, whilst bladder complications were often present. No major complication was found in this group;--for operated patients, the surgical act was without harmful consequence in the 672 cases when the operation was foreseen in the initial protocol (0,6% of chief complications). On the other hand, surgery performed for persistent tumour or recurrence after exclusive radiotherapy showed 8 per cent of chief complications. In this group they analyse the factors that might influence ureterohydronephroses, especially the extent of node dissection and associated external irradiation.

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