Urinary calcium excretion in healthy children and adolescents


Urinary calcium (Ca) excretion was determined in 1,578 24-h urine samples from 507 healthy children and adolescents (252 boys, 255 girls; 2.8–18.4 years) participating in the DONALD Study and is presented for 32 different age and sex groups. Calciuria values related to body weight (mg/kg per day) were relatively constant except for a transient decrease… (More)
DOI: 10.1007/s004670050723


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@article{Manz1999UrinaryCE, title={Urinary calcium excretion in healthy children and adolescents}, author={Friedrich Manz and Rainer Kehrt and Berthold Lausen and Anja Merkel}, journal={Pediatric Nephrology}, year={1999}, volume={13}, pages={894-899} }