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Urinary Tract Infection : Causative Agents , the Relation Between Bacteriuria and

  title={Urinary Tract Infection : Causative Agents , the Relation Between Bacteriuria and},
  author={Samia S. Khamees},
388 urine samples were studied for bacteriuria and pyuria. Samples have been collected from children aged 3-12 years attending Tobruk medical center. Bacterial strains were isolated from 65.97% of urine samples. The pathogens isolates were as follows: Escherichia coli 33.98%, Proteus spp. 21.48% Enterobacter spp. 15.23%, Klebsiella pneumonia 10.3 and Staphylococcus 10.54%. The presence of puss cells in urine precipitate considered as important sign of infection. The clinical feature of the… 

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The management of complicated urinary infection is individualized depending on patient variables and the infecting organism, and the antimicrobial regimen is determined by clinical presentation, patient tolerance, renal function and known or anticipated infecting organisms.

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