Urinary NGAL in Premature Infants

  title={Urinary NGAL in Premature Infants},
  author={Adrian P Lavery and Jareen Meinzen-Derr and Edward Anderson and Qing Ma and Michael R Bennett and Prasad Devarajan and Kurt R. Schibler},
  journal={Pediatric Research},
Premature infants are at unique risk for developing acute kidney injury (AKI) due to incomplete nephrogenesis, early exposure to nephrotoxic medications, and coexisting conditions such as patent ductus arteriosus (PDA) and respiratory distress syndrome (RDS). Unfortunately, laboratory testing for the diagnosis of AKI in this population is problematic because of the physiology of both the placenta and the extra-uterine premature kidney. Recent research has led to the development of promising… CONTINUE READING