Urinary Auto-brewery Syndrome: A Case Report

  title={Urinary Auto-brewery Syndrome: A Case Report},
  author={Katherine M Kruckenberg and A. Dimartini and Jacqueline A. Rymer and A. Pasculle and K. Tamama},
  journal={Annals of Internal Medicine},
  pages={702 - 704}
Background: Auto-brewery syndrome is a rare medical condition in which intoxicating quantities of ethanol are produced by specific types of yeast or bacteria through endogenous fermentation in the digestive system (1). Objective: To alert clinicians to the possibility of a previously unrecognized auto-brewery syndrome in which ethanol is produced through endogenous fermentation in the urinary system. Case Report: A 61-year-old woman with cirrhosis and poorly controlled diabetes presented to our… Expand
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