Urinary 1-hydroxypyrene and 2-naphthol concentrations in male Koreans.

  title={Urinary 1-hydroxypyrene and 2-naphthol concentrations in male Koreans.},
  author={Heui-Soo Kim and Shin Hyeong Cho and Jong Won Kang and Yong Dae Kim and Hong-mei Nan and Chul Ho Lee and Ho Bun Lee and Toshihiro Kawamoto},
  journal={International archives of occupational and environmental health},
  volume={74 1},
OBJECTIVE Urinary 1-hydroxypyrene (1-OHP) has been used as a biological marker of exposure to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), and urinary 2-naphthol is suggested as a new marker for route-specific exposure to airborne PAHs. We analyzed urinary 1-OHP and 2-naphthol concentrations in 292 male Koreans (129 university students and 163 shipyard workers) to define the distribution pattern in Koreans with no or low occupational exposure to PAHs. METHOD Histories of cigarette smoking and the… CONTINUE READING
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