Uridine, xanthine, and urate contents in human seminal plasma.

  title={Uridine, xanthine, and urate contents in human seminal plasma.},
  author={Gunnar Ronquist and Frank Niklasson},
  journal={Archives of andrology},
  volume={13 1},
Levels of uridine, xanthine, and urate in the seminal plasma of 73 men with various infertility problems as well as 11 previously fertile men after vasectomy were estimated. Very high concentration (in the mmolar range) compared with other body fluids were recorded for uridine and xanthine, while urate was in about equimolar concentration to that in the serum. Both uridine and xanthine mean values were significantly increased in vasectomized men compared with normal men; otherwise, there was a… CONTINUE READING
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