Ureteroscopic treatment of upper tract urinary calculi.

  title={Ureteroscopic treatment of upper tract urinary calculi.},
  author={David S Dimarco and George K. Chow and Matthew T. Gettman and Joseph W. Segura},
  journal={Minerva urologica e nefrologica = The Italian journal of urology and nephrology},
  volume={57 1},
Ureteroscopic treatment of upper urinary tract calculi is continuously evolving. Initial reports were limited to the treatment of distal ureteral stones. These cases had mixed success, and compared to modern ureteroscopy, had significant associated morbidity. The entire urinary tract can now be safely accessed via ureteroscopy almost always. Improvements in ureteroscope technology have certainly made this possible. These advances include smaller steerable scopes and sharper optics and video… CONTINUE READING