Ureteroscopic lithoclast lithotripsy: a cost-effective option.

  title={Ureteroscopic lithoclast lithotripsy: a cost-effective option.},
  author={P K Tan and Sylvia M Tan and David Terrence Consigliere},
  journal={Journal of endourology},
  volume={12 4},
Seventy-four consecutive cases of ureteral stones listed for ureteroscopic lithotripsy were studied prospectively. In all cases, the Wolf 7.5F or 9F ureteroscope was used in conjunction with the Swiss Lithoclast system. Dormia baskets were employed on four occasions to prevent forward propulsion of fragments. Ureteroscopic access to the stones was successful in 70 patients (95%). Lithoclast lithotripsy was successfully applied in 68 patients (92%), with complete fragmentation noted in 62… CONTINUE READING