Ureteropelvic junction stenosis: vascular anatomical background for endopyelotomy.

  title={Ureteropelvic junction stenosis: vascular anatomical background for endopyelotomy.},
  author={Francisco J. B. Sampaio and Luciano Alves Favorito},
  journal={The Journal of urology},
  volume={150 6},
To help endourologists perform endopyelotomy safely and efficiently with a reduced risk of vascular complications, we analyzed the vascular relationships to the ureteropelvic junction in 146, 3-dimensional endocasts of the kidney collecting system together with the intrarenal arteries and veins. There was a close relationship between a prominent vessel (artery and/or vein) and the anterior surface of the ureteropelvic junction in 65.1% of the cases, including the inferior segmental artery with… CONTINUE READING
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