Uremic encephalopathy: an updating.

  title={Uremic encephalopathy: an updating.},
  author={Stefano Biasioli and Giovanni D'Andrea and Mariano Feriani and Stefano Chiaramonte and A M Fabris and Claudio Ronco and Giuseppe La Greca},
  journal={Clinical nephrology},
  volume={25 2},
Uremic encephalopathy (UE) is a clinical syndrome, closely linked to the progression of renal failure. Many approaches can be utilized to diagnose it: EEG changes, somatosensory evoked potentials, choice reaction time test, cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) studies, brain computerized tomography, plasma and CSF amino acid concentration. On the basis of the data available at present, it is possible to postulate that UE could be caused by amino acid derangements (mainly glutamine, glycine, aromatic and… CONTINUE READING
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