Uredopeltis chevalieri sp. nov., the rust of Grewia (Tiliaceae) formerly known as Phakopsora (or Dasturella) grewiae, its first record in Australia and a summary of the known rusts of Grewia

  title={Uredopeltis chevalieri sp. nov., the rust of Grewia (Tiliaceae) formerly known as Phakopsora (or Dasturella) grewiae, its first record in Australia and a summary of the known rusts of Grewia},
  author={J. Walker and Roger Graham Shivas},
  journal={Australasian Plant Pathology},
The rust of Grewia formerly known as Phakopsora (or Dasturella) grewiae is recorded for the first time in Australia from the Kimberley region of northern Western Australia. As no validly published name exists for the te lial stage of this rust and as it is placed best in the genus Uredopeltis, it is described as new from the Australian collection as Uredopeltis chevalieri and is compared with the other known rusts of Grewia. 

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New records of plant pathogens in the Kimberley region of northern Western Australia
  • R. Shivas
  • Biology
  • Australasian Plant Pathology
  • 2011
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