[Urea utilization by growing lambs. 5. N-balance with half synthetic rations].


In experiment with 14-week-old lambs a combination of semisynthetic rations containing 1.2% or 0.7% resp. native crude protein an intraruminal infusion of urea clearly influenced the biologic processes in the rumen. The molar quotas of butyric and valeric acid in comparison with acetic were high. The lambs could cope with infused amounts of 0.67 g urea/kg body weight if they received the daily amount of 1.35 g/kg body weight in two parts. When more than 1.9 g/kg body weight were applied, feed intake decreased even though the daily amount was distributed over 4 doses. In 10 out of 16 lambs N retention was, in dependence on the urea amounts infused, higher than the N amount retained from native crude protein. The result indicates that urea is utilized by 14-week-old lambs. Growing energy and N intake had a positive influence on the N balance.

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