Urea transport deficiency in Jk(a-b-) erythrocytes.

  title={Urea transport deficiency in Jk(a-b-) erythrocytes.},
  author={Otto Froehlich and Robert I. Macey and J M Edwards-Moulds and Jay J. Gargus and Robert B. Gunn},
  journal={The American journal of physiology},
  volume={260 4 Pt 1},
The activity of the urea transporter was determined in human erythrocytes of the Kidd blood type Jk(a-b-) by measuring unidirectional urea and thiourea fluxes in tracer flux experiments and urea net fluxes in light-scattering experiments. When compared with control cells, Jk(a-b-) cells exhibited diminished urea and thiourea fluxes and lacked the kinetic characteristics of mediated transport, suggesting that in these cells urea and thiourea moved only by simple diffusion through the lipid… CONTINUE READING