Urea kinetics in healthy women during normal pregnancy.

  title={Urea kinetics in healthy women during normal pregnancy.},
  author={I S McClelland and Chandarika Persaud and Alan A Jackson},
  journal={The British journal of nutrition},
  volume={77 2},
Urea kinetics were measured in normal women aged 22-34 years at weeks 16, 24 and 32 on either their habitual protein intake (HABIT) or a controlled intake of 60 g protein/d (CONTROL), using primed-intermittent oral doses of [15N15N]urea and measurement of plateau enrichment in urinary urea over 18 h (ID) or a single oral dose of [15N15N]urea and measurement of enrichment of urea in urine over the following 48 h (SD). The intake of protein during HABIT-ID (80 g/d) was greater than that on HABIT… CONTINUE READING