Urdu News Article Recommendation Model using Natural Language Processing Techniques

  title={Urdu News Article Recommendation Model using Natural Language Processing Techniques},
  author={Syed Zain Abbas and Arif Ur Rahman and Abdul Basit Mughal and Syed Mujtaba Haider},
: There are several online newspapers in urdu but for the users it is difficult to find the content they are looking for because these most of them contain irrelevant data and most users did not get what they want to retrieve. Our proposed framework will help to predict Urdu news in the interests of users and reduce the users’ searching time for news. For this purpose, NLP techniques are used for pre-processing, and then TF-IDF with cosine similarity is used for gaining the highest similarity… 



LeMeNo: Personalised News Using Machine Learning

This paper presents the event-based approach used by LeMeNo for News Recommendation based on user interest, which filters out multiple news articles related to an event, displays them in chronological order & appends new upcoming related articles, thus providing a journey of that event.

Newsaday: A personalized thai news recommendation system

Newsaday is a personalized Thai news recommendation application to support users to gather information from online news websites, and applies natural language processing algorithms to pull news articles from onlinenews websites.

Personalized News Recommendation based on Multi-agent framework using Social Media Preferences

A multi-agent framework that uses a novel methodology for ranking news articles on the basis of user’s interests fetched from social media, and results show higher satisfaction levels for users when searching news articles through the proposed system.

News Category Network based Approach for News Source Recommendations

This paper proposes a system that recommends the news sources with the help of news category network for the given news category, and uses a dynamic approach that iteratively modifies the category network on the basis of URL categories.

InfoSlim: An Ontology-Content Based Personalized Mobile News Recommendation System

  • F. GaoYuhong LiLi HanJian Ma
  • Computer Science
    2009 5th International Conference on Wireless Communications, Networking and Mobile Computing
  • 2009
The new system uses semantic technique to annotate news items and user preference in order to add rich metadata information into traditional keyword vector to efficiently improve the accuracy of recommendation and therefore can better reflect user's interest and save mobile resources.

A Dynamic Personalized News Recommendation System Based on BAP User Profiling Method

A user profile model to describe users’ preferences from multiple perspectives is proposed and a method to calculate the preference weight of historical news according to the user’s reading behavior and the popularity of news is proposed.

Recommender System for News Articles using Supervised Learning

The present thesis intends to observe the value of using a recommender algorithm to find users likes by observing her domain preferences, and will show how news topics can be used to recommend news articles.

Deep Neural Architecture for News Recommendation

This work presents a deep neural model, where a non-linear mapping of users and item features are learnt first and a ranking based objective function is used to learn the parameters of the network.

Artist Recommendation System Using Hybrid Method: A Novel Approach

The proposed system makes use of various recommendation approaches to give a wide range of recommendations to users based on similarity of the selected artist, top artists in a genre, using a hybrid model and artists listened by users’ friends.

Non-Personalized Recommender Systems and User-based Collaborative Recommender Systems

An insight is given into two very popular recommender systems: Non-personalized and Collaborative recommender system and the User-based approach of CollaborativeRecommender systems.