Urbanization Without Growth: A Not-so-Uncommon Phenomenon

  title={Urbanization Without Growth: A Not-so-Uncommon Phenomenon},
  author={Marianne Fay and Charlotte Opal},
To find out why African countries' experience with urbanization and sustained growth appeared to differ from that of other countries, the authors investigated the determinants of urbanization across countries over 40 years. Rather than studying individuals' decisions to migrate, they relied on macroeconomic data and cross-country comparisons. A central hypothesis of their study: that individuals move (with varying degrees of ease) in response to economic incentives and opportunities. If… 
Urbanization and Growth : Setting the Context
Urbanization and growth go together: no country has ever reached middleincome status without a signifi cant population shift into cities. Urbanization is necessary to sustain (though not necessarily
Agricultural exit problems: Causes and consequences
"Contrary to conventional economic theories, the relationship between income growth and the share of the population within the rural or agricultural sector is extremely diverse, even among regions
Causality Between Urbanization and Economic Growth: Evidence From the Indian States
There is an abundance of studies on the urban-rural dichotomy. In the mainstream economic and regional science literature, the urban centers have usually been described as growth machines, growth
Is Urbanization in Sub-Saharan Africa Different?
In the past dozen years, a literature has developed arguing that urbanization has unfolded differently in post-independence Sub-Saharan Africa than in the rest of the developing world, with
Urban Growth, Uninsured Risk and the Rural Origins of Aggregate Volatility
The level of urbanization has increased by over 5 percentage points per decade outside the developed world since 1960. Rapid urbanization was accompanied by fast economic growth and job creation in
Urban structure, location of economic activity and aggregate growth: empirical evidence and policies
This thesis explores two distinct but related aspects of the relationship between the spatial location of people within a country and national economic growth. The first three essays set out to
African Urbanization as Flight? Some Policy Implications of Geography
The mystery of the lack of a positive relationship between growth and urbanization in sub-Saharan Africa has been raised in a number of studies. A recent paper by Barrios et al. (Journal of Urban
Urbanization and the Geography of Development
This paper focuses on several interrelated key questions on the geography of development. Although we herald cities with their industrial bases as 'engines of growth,' does industrialization in fact
The Urban Mortality Transition and Poor-Country Urbanization
Today, the world’s fastest-growing cities lie in low-income countries, unlike the historical norm. Also, unlike the “killer cities” of history, cities in low-income countries grow not just through


Rural-urban migration in developing countries
Life During Growth
A remarkable diversity of indicators shows quality of life across nations to be positively associated with per capita income. At the same time, the changes in quality of life as income grows are
Shall we go home? Increasing urban poverty in African cities and migration processes.
The impact of economic decline in the 1980s as well as that of IMF structural adjustment programs on urban incomes in Africa is explored. The author notes that in addition to devastating the real
Africa's Growth Tragedy: Policies and Ethnic Divisions
Explaining cross-country differences in growth rates requires not only an understanding of the link between growth and public policies, but also an understanding of why countries choose different
Political freedom and the response to economic incentives: labor migration in Africa, 1972-1987.
Rural-urban interactions: a guide to the literature
TO DATE, MOST development theory andpractice have focused on either “urban” or“rural” issues with little consideration of theinterrelations between the two. By contrast,several empirical studies show
Violence or Economics: What Drives Internal Migration in Guatemala?
  • A. Morrison
  • Political Science
    Economic Development and Cultural Change
  • 1993
Politically motivated violence has plagued Guatemala since 1966. The first wave of terror coincided with an antiguerilla offensive launched by the government in late 1966. 2 waves of terror began in
Urbanization and Social Change in West Africa
List of maps, figures, and tables Preface Introduction: exploding cities in poverty-stricken countries 1. Empires and trade 2. Urbanization and economic development 3. Rural-urban migration 4.
Farewell to Farms
Introduction - de-agrarianization in Sub-Saharan Africa - acknowledging the inevitable. Part 1 Horn of Africa: coping with famine and poverty - the dynamics of non-agricultural rural employment in
Urbanization in Africa : a handbook
Figures and Tables Foreword by Thomas S. Goliber Preface Introduction by Akin Mabogunje Urbanization in Africa: A Historical Overview Urbanization in Ancient Africa by Tertius Chandler Urbanization