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Urban agriculture : definition, presence, potentials and risks, and policy challenges

  title={Urban agriculture : definition, presence, potentials and risks, and policy challenges},
  author={Idrc and Luc J. A. Mougeot},
A scoping/mapping literature review about Urban and Periurban Agriculture (UPA)
The world is undergoing an accelerated urbanization process marked by social and environmental imbalances. In this context, urban and periurban agriculture (UPA) emerges as an alternative to
The multifunctionality of urban horticulture and its integration with the city ecosystem: a brief review of concepts and the case of São Luís
ABSTRACT Urban agriculture is currently carried out all over the world. The activity is characterized by its multifunctionality, contributing to food security, preservation of biodiversity, better
Challenges and Opportunities for Sustainable Urban Farming in South African Low-Income Settlements: A Case Study in Durban
Growing urban centres have been attracting ever higher numbers of rural migrants, including small-scale farmers, looking for better opportunities due to the rise of large-scale farming, loss of land
Women’s agricultural knowledge and its effects on soil nutrient content in the Nyalenda urban gardens of Kisumu, Kenya
In Kisumu up to 60% of the inhabitants practice some form of urban agriculture, with just under 50% of the workers being female. On average, women spend more hours a day in the gardens than men. To
Urban Gardeners’ Motivations in a Metropolitan City: The Case of Milan
Urban gardening (UG) as a component of urban agriculture (UA) has reached popularity during the last decades. This growing interest depends on several factors including the different functions that
Ecologia política e agricultura urbana na América Latina
O presente artigo tem por objetivo apresentar um panorama das discussões da ecologia política urbana e da agricultura urbana. A metodologia utilizada baseou-se na revisão bibliográfica, selecionada
An assessment of the contribution of peri-urban agriculture on household food security in Tongaat, eThekwini Municipality
Submitted to the Department of Agriculture in fulfilment of the requirements for the Degree of Master of Science in Agribusiness in the Faculty of Science and Agriculture at the University of


Urban Microfarming in Central Southern Africa: A Case Study of Lusaka, Zambia
Received Concepts and Theories in African Urbanisation and Management Strategies: The Struggle Continues
Various concepts, theories and attitudes in defining and solving African urban problems reflect assimilated and acquired notions and standards rather than indigenous ones. Over the past two decades
Urban agriculture
ConclusionThis paper has attempted to outline and account for the discrepancy between the literature and empirical findings linked to the environmental and ecological benefits of UA. Having done so,
Urban Food Systems and the Poor in Developing Countries
In many cities in developing countries, hunger and malnutrition are common amongst the poor, even when food is relatively abundant. Over the past two decades, a considerable literature has