Urban Sustainability in Latin America and the Caribbean

  title={Urban Sustainability in Latin America and the Caribbean},
  author={Jaime Alfredo Bonet and Rafael M. Acevedo-Daunas and Nathalie Alvarado and Carolina Barco and Jos{\'e} Brakarz and Francisco Ganga Contreras and Fernando Gabriel Cuenin and Morgan Doyle and Jennifer Doherty-Bigara and Vicente Fretes Cibils and Tsuneki Hori and Sergio Lacambra and Carlos E. Lude{\~n}a and Paola Gabriela M{\`e}ndez and Fernando Miralles-Wilhelm and Carlos Hern{\'a}n Becerra Mojica and F{\'a}bio Gonçalves de Rueda and Rebecca Sabo and Claudia Stevenson and Christopher Tagwerker and Horacio Cristian Terraza and Patricia Torres Arzay{\'u}s and Sandra Valencia and Marco Varea and David B. Wilk},
This work presents a comprehensive analysis of urban sustainability in Latin America and the Caribbean. The document is composed of six sections, including this introduction. Providing the theoretical and empirical elements of the analysis, the following section briefly reviews the relationship between urbanization and economic development at the international and regional levels. The third section delineates the evolution of the concept of sustainability in the urban sphere in recent years… CONTINUE READING


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