Uranium-series age estimates for rock art in southwest China

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High precision U/Th dating of the rock paintings at Mt. Huashan, Guangxi, southern China

Abstract The rock art and the associated natural scenery at 38 sites located in the Zuojiang River valley, in the southwest of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, southern China, were inscribed

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An ambitious study of paleolithic cave art sites from Spain in which the previously under used uranium-thorium (U-Th) dating method is applied.

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A reconsideration of the application of 230 Th/ 234 U analysis to thin accretionary skins of re-precipitated carbonate to secure minimum or maximum ages for physically related rock art suggests that

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Direct Dating of Chinese Immovable Cultural Heritage

The most extensive corpus of ancient immovable cultural heritage is that of global rock art. Estimating its age has traditionally been challenging, rendering it difficult to integrate archaeological

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We report the first absolute dating for rock paintings by Andean hunter-gatherer groups. Analysis by Raman spectrometry of remains of black paintings from the center-north of Chile (30° lat. S)



Uranium-series dating rock art in East Timor

Radiocarbon dating of prehistoric rock paintings by selective oxidation of organic carbon

DATING of prehistoric rock paintings (pictographs) has traditionally relied on indirect evidence. This includes inferences based on the archaeological context, such as superpositions of pictorial

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New information generated during the last two decades has allowed us to review previous conclusions that the shaded polychrome paintings of the southeastern mountains were done during the last few

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In 14C dating of pictographs, we use a low-temperature oxygen plasma coupled with high-vacuum techniques to selectively remove carbon-containing material in the paint without contamination from the

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1. An archaeology of rock-art through informed methods and informal methods Paul Tacon and Christopher Chippindale 2. Finding rain in the desert: landscape, gender and far western North American

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The naturalistic rock art of Yunnan Province is poorly known outside of China despite two decades of investigation by local researchers. The authors report on the first major international study of

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During the last century, the Earth Sciences underwent two major revolutions in understanding. The first was the recognition of the great antiquity of the Earth and the second was the development of