Uptake of platinum group elements by the marine macroalga, Ulva lactuca

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Accumulation of platinum group elements by the marine gastropod Littorina littorea.
Extra- and intra-cellular accumulation of platinum group elements by the marine microalga, Chlorella stigmatophora.
Sorption of Yttrium and the Rare Earth Elements on the Marine Macroalga Ulva lactuca
Title of Document: SORPTION OF YTTRIUM AND THE RARE EARTH ELEMENTS ON THE MARINE MACROALGA ULVA LACTUCA Alison M. Zoll, Ms. of Science, 2011 Directed By: Assistant Professor Johan Schijf, Marine


Fractionation of platinum group elements in aqueous systems: comparative kinetics of palladium and platinum removal from seawater by Ulva lactuca L.
A marine macroalga, Ulva lactuca L., was used as a substrate to compare the kinetics of palladium (Pd) and platinum (Pt) removal from seawater. This work indicates that, while the equilibrium
Adsorption kinetics of platinum group elements in river water.
Experimental results, together with independent assessments of PGE mobility from secondary sources, indicate that Pd has the greatest potential for long-range transport and bioaccumulation in the aquatic environment.
Kinetic measurements of metal accumulation in two marine macroalgae
Measurement of uptake kinetics of four metals in two marine macroalgae suggested that U. lactuca would be a good biomonitor of Cr and Zn contamination in coastal waters.
Physicochemical aspects of lead bioaccumulation by Chlorella vulgaris.
Comparison of the internalization and diffusive fluxes revealed that even in the presence of a large excess of Pb complexes, the supply of free ion (Pb2+) was sufficient to account for the observed Pb uptake.
Influence of chloride on silver uptake by two green algae, Pseudokirchneriella subcapitata and Chlorella pyrenoidosa
It is concluded that the biotic ligand model reliably describes silver bioavailability in the presence of chloride for the two test algae and that its applicability depends on the relative magnitudes of silver fluxes through the unstirred diffusion layer and across the cell membrane.