Uptake mechanisms of selenium oxyanions during the ferrihydrite-hematite recrystallization

  title={Uptake mechanisms of selenium oxyanions during the ferrihydrite-hematite recrystallization},
  author={Nicolas B{\"o}rsig and Andreas C Scheinost and Samuel Shaw and Dieter Schild and Thomas and Neumann},
Se is an essential nutrient at trace levels, but also a toxic environmental contaminant at higher concentrations. The mobility of the trace element Se in natural environments is mainly controlled by the occurrence of the highly soluble Se oxyanions – selenite [Se(IV)] and selenate [Se(VI)] and their interaction with geological materials. Since iron oxides are ubiquitous in nature, many previous studies investigated Se retention by adsorption onto iron oxides. However, little is known about the… CONTINUE READING


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