Uptake inhibition of biogenic amines by newer antidepressant drugs: Relevance to the dopamine hypothesis of depression

  title={Uptake inhibition of biogenic amines by newer antidepressant drugs: Relevance to the dopamine hypothesis of depression},
  author={Axel Randrup and Claus Br{\ae}strup},
The dopamine theory of depression was studied by assessing the effect of antidepressant drugs on uptake of dopamine, noradrenaline, and serotonin in synaptosomes from rat brain. Five newer drugs—butriptyline, maprotiline, trimipramine, iprindole, and mianserine—exhibited rather potent inhibition of 3H-dopamine uptake in corpus striatum, as their IC50 values, which were in the order of 10-6–10-5 M, were only about 50 times higher than for nomifensine (IC50=10-7 M). The five drugs were weak… CONTINUE READING


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