Uptake and release of calcium by rat brain synaptosomes

  title={Uptake and release of calcium by rat brain synaptosomes},
  author={Glenn A. Goddard and Joseph D. Robinson},
  journal={Brain Research},
Rat brain synaptosomes, prepared by discontinuous Ficoll density gradient centrifugation, accumulated 45Ca during brief incubations in modified Krebs-Ringer media. Uptake of 45Ca was increased by 5 mM glutamate and 50 mM KCl, conditions that depolarize nerve cells; uptake of 22Na was also increased by these agents. With 0.2 mM diphenylhydantoin, the increased 45Ca uptake due to KCl was diminished, whereas that due to glutamate was less affected; conversely, with 0.15 muM tetrodotoxin the… CONTINUE READING


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