Uptake and reaction of atmospheric organic vapours on organic films.

  title={Uptake and reaction of atmospheric organic vapours on organic films.},
  author={David J. Donaldson and Baagi T Mmereki and S. Ray Chaudhuri and Susannah R Handley and Megan H J Oh},
  journal={Faraday discussions},
  pages={227-39; discussion 241-64, 519-24}
Films composed in whole or in part of organic compounds represent an important atmospheric interface. Urban surfaces are now known to be coated with a film ("grime") whose chemical composition somewhat resembles that of urban atmospheric aerosols. Such films may act as media in which atmospheric trace gases may be sequestered (leading to their removal from the gas phase); they may also act as reactive media, either as a "solvent" or as a source of reagents. Organic coatings on aqueous surfaces… CONTINUE READING

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