Upscaling of lentiviral vector production by tangential flow filtration.

  title={Upscaling of lentiviral vector production by tangential flow filtration.},
  author={Martine Geraerts and Martine Michiels and Veerle Baekelandt and Zeger Debyser and Rik Gijsbers},
  journal={The journal of gene medicine},
  volume={7 10},
BACKGROUND HIV-1-derived vectors are promising tools for gene transfer into the brain. Application of these vectors for gene therapy or for the creation of animal models for neurodegenerative diseases requires standardization and upscaling of lentiviral vector production methods. METHODS In this study, serum-free HIV-1 vector production was efficiently upscaled by use of cell factories and the introduction of tangential flow filtration (TFF) prior to centrifugation. RESULTS Vector titers… CONTINUE READING