Upregulation of chemokine and cytokine production during pregnancy.

  title={Upregulation of chemokine and cytokine production during pregnancy.},
  author={Sabine E. Segerer and Ulrike Kammerer and Michaela Kapp and Johannes Dietl and Lorenz Rieger},
  journal={Gynecologic and obstetric investigation},
  volume={67 3},
BACKGROUND Following implantation, endometrial stroma is transformed into decidual tissue via a complex remodeling process. In parallel with that process, a significant increase in immune cells can be detected. Several studies suggest that chemokines and cytokines orchestrate the transformation of decidual tissue and the infiltration of leukocytes. In this study, we therefore compared chemokine and cytokine expression in the first- and third-trimester nonpregnant endometrium and decidua… CONTINUE READING
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