Upper gastrointestinal endoscopy.

  • W Grant Guilford
  • Published 1990 in
    The Veterinary clinics of North America. Small…


Upper GI endoscopy is a frequently performed endoscopic procedure that is particularly suited for the diagnosis of upper GI diseases with a luminal or mucosal location. Contraindications are few and complications are rare. Procedures that can be performed during upper GI endoscopy include mucosal biopsy, brush cytology, aspiration of duodenal fluid for culture and cytology, foreign body retrieval, bougienage of strictures, and endoscopic placement of gastrostomy tubes. Unresolved issues that face veterinary endoscopists include the interrelationship between contrast radiology and endoscopy, the advisability of routine combination of upper and lower GI endoscopy, the reasons for discordance among clinical signs, endoscopic appearance, and biopsy findings, and the role of post-treatment biopsies.

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