Upper gastrointestinal Crohn's disease.

  title={Upper gastrointestinal Crohn's disease.},
  author={Christian Mottet and Pascal Juillerat and Val{\'e}rie Pittet and J. -J. Gonvers and P Michetti and J. -P. Vader and Christian Felley and Florian Froehlich},
  volume={76 2},
Symptomatic gastroduodenal manifestations of Crohn's disease are rare, with less than 4% of patients being clinically symptomatic. Gastroduodenal involvement may, however, be found endoscopically in 20% and in up to 40% of cases histologically, most frequently as Helicobacter pylori-negative focal gastritis, usually in patients with concomitant distal ileal disease. In practice, the activity of concomitant distal Crohn's disease usually determines the indication for therapy, except in the… CONTINUE READING