Upper extremity infections in patients with diabetes mellitus.

  title={Upper extremity infections in patients with diabetes mellitus.},
  author={Mark H. Gonzalez and S Bochar and J{\"u}rgen Novotny and Andrew J Brown and Norman Weinzweig and Jos{\'e} Joaqu{\'i}n Prieto},
  journal={The Journal of hand surgery},
  volume={24 4},
Forty-five consecutive diabetic patients with 46 upper extremity infections who underwent surgical debridement were retrospectively reviewed. The infections involved the skin or subcutaneous tissue in 19 patients and the fascia, tendon, muscle, or bone in 27. Twenty-three infections (50%) required a single operation and 23 required more than 1. Eighteen infections (39%) required an amputation and there were 3 deaths directly related to an infection. Six of 7 infections in which anaerobic… CONTINUE READING