Upper Palaeolithic Siberian genome reveals dual ancestry of Native Americans

  title={Upper Palaeolithic Siberian genome reveals dual ancestry of Native Americans},
  author={Maanasa Raghavan and Pontus Skoglund and Kelly E. Graf and Mait Metspalu and Anders Albrechtsen and Ida Moltke and Simon Rasmussen and Thomas W. Stafford and Ludovic Orlando and Ene Metspalu and Monika Karmin and Kristiina Tambets and Siiri Rootsi and Reedik M{\"a}gi and Paula F. Campos and Elena V Balanovska and O Balanovsky and Elza Khusnutdinova and Sergey Litvinov and Ludmila P. Osipova and Sardana A. Fedorova and Mikhail Ivanovich Voevoda and Michael DeGiorgio and Thomas Sicheritz-Pont{\'e}n and S\oren Brunak and Svetlana Demeshchenko and Toomas Kivisild and Richard Villems and Rasmus Nielsen and Mattias Jakobsson and Eske Willerslev},
The origins of the First Americans remain contentious. Although Native Americans seem to be genetically most closely related to east Asians, there is no consensus with regard to which specific Old World populations they are closest to. Here we sequence the draft genome of an approximately 24,000-year-old individual (MA-1), from Mal’ta in south-central Siberia, to an average depth of 1×. To our knowledge this is the oldest anatomically modern human genome reported to date. The MA-1 mitochondrial… CONTINUE READING
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Accurate sex identification in ancient human remains using DNA shotgun sequencing

  • P. Skoglund, J. Storå, A. Götherström, M. Jakobsson
  • J. Archaeol. Sci
  • 2013

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