Upper Bounds on Supersymmetric Particle Masses

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Constraints on the minimalN=1 supergravity theory from electroweak symmetry breaking
We reanalyze the constraints on the minimalN=1 supergravity extension of the standard model arising from the requirement of a correct spontaneous breakdown of the electroweak symmetry. Driven by
Naturalness bounds in extensions of the MSSM without a light Higgs boson
Adopting a bottom-up point of view, we make a comparative study of the simplest extensions of the MSSM with extra tree level contributions to the lightest Higgs boson mass. We show to what extent a
Light Higgsinos as heralds of higher-dimensional unification
Grand-unified models with extra dimensions at the GUT scale will typically contain exotic states with Standard Model charges and GUT-scale masses. They can act as messengers for gauge-mediated