Upper Aptian Agglutinated Foraminifers from DSDP Hole 402A

  title={Upper Aptian Agglutinated Foraminifers from DSDP Hole 402A},
  author={W. D. Bock},
  • W. D. Bock
  • Published 1979
  • Geology
  • Forty meters of hard black shale obtained from Hole 402A, Cores 30-33, contained upper Aptian agglutinated benthic foraminifers. Found nowhere else in Leg 48 Bay of Biscay cores, they are similar to the primitive agglutinates described by Bartenstein (1974) from sediments obtained on Leg 27. The first appearance of these primitive agglutinates was in Sample 33,CC, where they occurred together with a calcareous benthic shelf fauna and planktonics belonging to the lower Gargasian Schackoina cabri… CONTINUE READING
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