Uploading your best self: Selfie editing and body dissatisfaction.

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Editing the self in pictures: Selfie editing promotes self-objectification among Chinese

Selfie-editing behavior has become a great popularity globally. Due to the widespread prevalence of selfie-related behaviors, it is of great significance to explore the negative consequences of

Selfie Editing and Consideration of Cosmetic Surgery Among Young Chinese Women: The Role of Self-Objectification and Facial Dissatisfaction

Research reveals significant positive associations between selfie editing and consideration of cosmetic surgery, yet little is known about why this relationship exists. To address this question, the

The influence of selfie related behavior in social media on body image

: Social media has now become a part of our life, in which selfie is a common information oriented by appearance on social media. It is found that the selfie-related behavior is closely related to

How the Exposure to Beauty Ideals on Social Networking Sites Influences Body Image: A Systematic Review of Experimental Studies

Sharing and viewing photos on social networking sites (SNSs) have been identified as particularly problematic for body image. Although correlational research to date has established that SNS use is

Predictors of Acceptance of Cosmetic Surgery: Instagram Images-Based Activities, Appearance Comparison and Body Dissatisfaction Among Women

It was found that only image-based activities related to celebrities and self were significantly related to acceptance of cosmetic surgery, whereas friends’ Instagram-related activities were not significant related to this criterion variable.



Photoshopping the selfie: Self photo editing and photo investment are associated with body dissatisfaction in adolescent girls.

Girls who regularly shared self-images on social media, relative to those who did not, reported significantly higher overvaluation of shape and weight, body dissatisfaction, dietary restraint, and internalization of the thin ideal.

A Qualitative Study Exploring Female College Students' Instagram Use and Body Image

The purpose of the study was to explore how female college students use Instagram, and if using Instagram impacts body image, and three themes surfaced pertaining to body image: responding to beauty ideals, comparing self with others, and display of self.

Picture Perfect: The Direct Effect of Manipulated Instagram Photos on Body Image in Adolescent Girls

ABSTRACT This study investigates the effect of manipulated Instagram photos on adolescent girls’ body image, and whether social comparison tendency moderates this relation. A between-subject