Uphill and downhill walking in unilateral lower limb amputees.

  title={Uphill and downhill walking in unilateral lower limb amputees.},
  author={Aline H Vrieling and Helco G. Van Keeken and Tanneke Schoppen and Egbert Otten and Jan P. K. Halbertsma and A. L. Hof and Klaas Postema},
  journal={Gait & posture},
  volume={28 2},
OBJECTIVE To study adjustment strategies in unilateral amputees in uphill and downhill walking. DESIGN Observational cohort study. SUBJECTS Seven transfemoral, 12 transtibial unilateral amputees and 10 able-bodied subjects. METHODS In a motion analysis laboratory the subjects walked over a level surface and an uphill and downhill slope. Gait velocity and lower limb joint angles were measured. RESULTS In uphill walking hip and knee flexion at initial contact and hip flexion in swing were… CONTINUE READING
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